628LMF-B FOREND WEAPONLIGHT --High-Output LED Forend WeaponLight for H & K MP5, HK53 & HK94

Sale price¥89,000


The 628LMF-B FOREND WEAPON LIGHT can be replaced with the fore end of the Heckler & Koch MP5, HK53, and HK94 to provide the high-intensity lighting needed for tactical situational understanding in low light.

Equipped with a TIR lens, it produces a vibrant beam of 1000 lumens optimized for short to medium range applications.
It has a pressure pad switch on the right side of the fore end and a rocker type constant on switch on the left side.
You can control the light reliably while maintaining the grip.


TIR LENS (total internal reflection lens) produces a high-intensity beam with sufficient peripheral light to reach far

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