[Order] Full Dexterity Tactical (FDT) Alpha FR Glove

size: S
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Color: Black

Size: S, M, L, XL

Full Dexterity Tactical (FDT) Alpha FR Glove is made of flame-retardant material.
The biggest difference from Alpha Gloves is that the entire palm is made of goat leather.
It feels different from synthetic suede, but offers better durability than synthetic suede.
We worked closely with a special tanning factory to use touchscreen compatible leather for the index finger and thumb.
* Due to the high carbon and graphite content of conductive leather, temporary color transfer occurs on the index finger and thumb.
Please note that color transfer may occur due to use or washing.
After wearing it several times to break in the gloves, it is recommended to hand wash and air dry the gloves to reduce excess carbon and graphite.


  • Touch screen compatible leather thumb and index finger
  • Reinforced knuckle with highly flexible leather pad
  • Uses flame-retardant Nomex material to protect your hands from operational sparks (flash bangs, muzzle flashes)
  • Independent pad section for enhanced protection
  • Wrist strap part that is easy to adjust and has high quietness
  • Improved operability of trigger control by sewing like TaylorMade
  • Sensitized trigger finger
  • Short cuff design with loops for maximum operability and comfort
  • Size chart

    S 18.4cm ~ 19cm 19cm ~ 20.3cm
    M 19cm ~ 19.7cm 20.3cm ~ 21.6cm
    L 19.7cm ~ 20.3cm 21.6cm ~ 22.6cm
    XL 20.3cm ~ 21cm 22.6cm ~ 23.6cm

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